Monday, March 4, 2013

Kids kitchen "toy" food boxes - DIY for free and they're more realistic, too!

Folks, I present to you a super great and free alternative to store bought kids kitchen foods. I've bought plenty of kitchen toys, but in reality all you really have to buy (if you want to of course) are the toys that looks like foods. The rest can be done in your own home, free, and in less than a minute!

All you need to do is tape down the opened parts of empty food boxes, maybe also the sides that can be tempting to rip open, and viola, you've got real people sized (and did I already mention free?) kitchen accessories/toys. I rinsed out a small Almond Milk carton, used snack boxes, tea boxes, etc. and you can even give your child plastic spoons and small plastic bowls and cups instead of buying the toys made to look like kitchen things.

Your child will have just as much fun playing with things that you already have laying around, free of cost to you! I hope this inspired you all to do some digging, taping and money saving. Happy playing! :)

In the comments: What are some things you've done or made to satisfy your children without having to spend a fortune on some overpriced plastic toy?


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  2. Thank you so much! You've got great ideas, too! I've also found that at our local thrift store there are tons of tiny little kitchen "tools" for $1 or less. Don't you just love DIY and thrift stores!? :P I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying the blog!

  3. Yes! I love making things as realistic as possible for the kiddos! Even empty and rinsed out spice containers look neat in their set! Oh the brainstorming I'm doing!... :)


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