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♥ Crock-pot cinnamon sugar pecans, almonds or peanuts

Holiday Volunteer and Donation Opportunities; specific to the Austin, Tx area

Mom shaves daughter's head as punishment

 DIY Fairy Garden with foraged materials

 Caramel Apples; decorated for Halloween

 Cheap and easy homemade truffles

 Vinegar and baking soda experiment; creating gas to blow up a balloon

Red, white and blue pudding pops (Patriotic)

 Cheesecake with blueberry star and strawberry topping (Patriotic)

 DIY Starbucks Frappuccino

 DIY all natural sugar scrub

 Best list of children's songs with audio, videos and sign language

 Dyed Easter eggs - DIY with mens' silk ties (Easter)

 Homemade non-toxic finger paints

 Easy one-ingredient banana ice cream

 DIY kids' kitchen toys; food boxes, cans, containers, etc.

 Cookie cutter Christmas tree ornaments (Christmas)

 Homemade Rice Krispie treats; decorated for Christmas

 Christmas tree craft made from traced hand prints (Christmas)

 Tree garland made from Kix cereal (Christmas)

 Paper plate Santa Claus craft with cotton balls (Christmas)

 Gel sensory bags

 DIY teepee centerpiece (Thanksgiving)

 Turkey craft made from hand and feet tracings (Thanksgiving)

 Thankful Tree (Thanksgiving)

Jellyfish in a bottle

 The Feely Box (or bag); a sensory activity

 Glow in the dark Jell-o; Halloween shapes

 Pumpkin shaped cheese puffs (Thanksgiving/Halloween)

 Halloween Safety; Costume, trick-or-treat, candy, driving and pet safety (Halloween)

 Quick and easy lamp bats (Halloween)

 Ghoulish Ghosts; Balloon decor for indoor or out (Halloween)

 Food Pyramids for toddlers and children

 Nature Collage

 125 random things to do with young children

 Homemade organic baby wipes

 Wet Paper; A sensory activity

 Father's Day tie card

 Belgian waffles with a fruit flag (Patriotic)

 Easy red, white and blue layered fruit dessert (Patriotic)

Toast topped w/avocado, bacon, spinach & heart shaped egg over easy (Valentines/Birthday/Father's Day)

 Toast with a fruit flag on top (Patriotic)

 S'mores Pops

 Easy DIY Dreamcatcher

Rainbow cake in a jar

Crayon Leaf Prints

 Mini lasagna cakes made in a muffin pan

 Fun fruit skewer snacks

 Green Monster smoothie recipe

 The facts and benefits of breastfeeding

 Homemade star shaped crayons

Whale you be my valentine? DIY valentine card (Valentine's Day)

 Valentine headband with antennae (Valentine's Day)

 Baked sweet potato chips

Handprint roses (Valentine's Day)

Strawberry Valentine's cupcakes (Valentine's Day)

 Homemade Playdough

 Secondhand smoke vs our children

 Heart shaped egg over easy on toast with heart shaped french toast bites (Valentines/Birthday/Father's Day)

 Melted crayon canvas art

 Co-sleeping and bed sharing

Pots n' pans band

Foam puzzle play mats meet the yoga mom

Infant massage

 Piggy Paint; Baby friendly nail polish

 Homemade popsicles in dixie cups

 Changing table ribbons

Easy mall-style soft cinnamon pretzels

Colorful footprints

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