Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hand print construction paper Christmas tree

This is a fun and easy craft for children that can be done in a short amount of time and stored easily in a memory box. You can make the tree in any size you want (using three hands or a hundred) and decorate it with glitter, paint, markers, crayons, buttons, mini ornaments, etc.!

For the exact tree above, you will need:
- two or three sheets of green construction paper
- a sheet of yellow construction paper
- a sheet of brown construction paper
- scissors
- Elmer's glue
- buttons
- green glitter
- white glitter

1. First you'll want to cut a triangle out of your brown paper. Starting your cuts at the two bottom corners on a short side, cut all the way to the opposite side of your paper. With a leftover scrap, cut a base for your tree, and glue them together.

2. Trace your child's hands on a sheet of the green paper. (If you have more than one child, you can trace all hands, or one of each and make a tree with all prints included!) You can either continue tracing hands until the paper is used up, or cut out the two separate hand prints and trace around those until you have the desired amount of hands.

3. Once all of your hand prints are cut out, trace the outer edges with glue and sprinkle your glitter (in any color you wish - I thought white would be a cute idea to look like snow) over the glue. It may be easier for younger children to add the glue and glitter BEFORE the hand prints are cut out. It will be less daunting and leave less mess for them.

4. When your glitter and glue has dried and your hand prints are cut out, glue them onto the tree and add your decorations. I chose buttons this time around since my daughter is still a little too young to do any cutting and I didn't feel like spending an eternity cutting out cute little ornaments all by myself.

5. With your yellow construction paper, cut out a star. Rub some glue over it and sprinkle your white or yellow glitter over it and glue it to the top of your tree. Viola, you're all done! Happy crafting!

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