Monday, December 10, 2012

Kix cereal tree garland

Looking for a cheap and easy DIY tree decoration that you can do with your kids? Look no farther! You can make this Christmas tree garland for about $4 with enough cereal left over for the whole week. And if unlike our tree this year yours has a rainbow of colors on it, you can use something like Trix cereal that's very colorful instead of plain.

You will need:
- Kix cereal (or Trix if you want something colorful)
- dental floss
- a needle (younger children will need help safely using this)

The garland is pretty self explanatory from here! String your dental floss onto your needle and start pushing those little cereals onto the needle and down to the other end of your string. My two year old sat in my lap and held onto the needle right above where my fingers held it. She handed me the Kix cereals one by one and was happy to help! Have fun, be safe and Merry Christmas!

*I just came across this photo hiding in my Christmas folder! When I was finished with the top string of Kix my daughter asked me to tie it around her neck for a necklace. So this could even be a fun little craft with some colorful Trix cereal to make edible jewelry with!*

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