Thursday, December 6, 2012

Paper plate Santa Claus craft

Let the Christmas overload begin! :) These paper plate Santas are super easy and fun to make, and did I mention adorable?

You will need:
- a white paper plate
- a skin colored crayon of your choice
- red, white and pink construction paper
- a black marker (or googly eyes)
- cotton balls
- white Elmer's glue

1. Turn your plate over to the back and color the flat part with your skin colored crayon.
2. Rub glue over the bottom portion and sides of your plate and stick cotton balls to it, or, one by one put a dab of glue on a cotton ball and press it to your plate.
3. With your red construction paper, cut out a Santa hat and glue it to the top of your plate.
4. With your white paper, cut out a strip of paper wider than the base of your Santa hat, to serve as the bottom of his hat, and glue it on.
5. Glue a cotton ball onto the tip of Santa's hat.
6. Draw on eyes or glue on googly eyes and a nose and you're done, it's that easy! Happy crafting!


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