Monday, December 3, 2012

Gel sensory bags

Sensory play is super important in the early months and years of life, and for that reason I bring you, gel sensory bags! They can be stimulating for the eyes, hands, nose and even the tongue... but let's be sure to keep these out of our children's mouths as they are NOT edible!

You will need:
- a tub of cheap hair gel
- Ziploc bags (I removed the white paint labels on each of the bags with a cotton ball dipped in nail polish remover - it wipes right off, no hassel)
- food coloring
- masking tape
- random small objects (marbles, beads, squishy balls, glitter, etc.)

1. Scoop three or four large spoonfuls of gel into each bag.
2. Put a couple of drops of your preferred food coloring into each bag. (You really only need one bag, but you can make as many as you'd like.)
3. Drop some objects into the bags and seal them up. You'll want to seal the bags extra with the masking tape... trust me, I didn't. And you're all done! You'll want to supervise your little one while he plays with his sensory bag/s since it's possible to poke holes in them or rip them apart with little teeth! Happy learning!

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