Saturday, December 1, 2012

DIY Teepee centerpiece

These teepees are really easy and fun to do, and they can be used as centerpieces for your Thanksgiving dinner (Which will make your child feel pretty darn good and build that confidence!).

You will need:
- markers (red, yellow, orange, black, brown are best for this craft)
- tan crafting foam (though I don't see why a light colored construction paper wouldn't work)
- scissors
- twigs
- hot glue gun

1. Roll a piece of your tan crafting foam into the shape of a cone. Use your hot glue gun to glue the cone in place. Adult supervision is necessary for older children as one can be burnt by the glue/glue gun. If you have younger children doing this craft an adult will need to do the gluing. Also, I drew on my teepees after they were in cone shape, but I let my two year old draw all over her foam first, then I glued it into cone shape. It may be easier for young children to color on the foam first, but it's up to you.

2. Once your teepees are glued and decorated, take two or three twigs about 3 inches long or so and glue them into the top of your teepee and you're all done!

You can go here to see some Native American symbols for your project. Happy crafting!

You can get craft foam at any craft store, maybe even your local grocery store or Walmart. In case you're like me and prefer not to fight through the crazy crowds this Holiday season, you can click the foam below and order some from the wonderful world of the internet. :)

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  1. Great TeePees! I would love to have you link up with us


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