Friday, November 30, 2012

Hands and feet turkey

A super easy craft and something to put in the keepsakes box, too! This Thanksgiving turkey craft is cute and fun to look at, and no two turkeys will look alike!

You will need:
- brown, yellow, red and orange construction paper
- googly eyes (or a pen/marker to draw on eyes)
- scissors
- glue

1. Trace both hands onto your orange, yellow and red construction paper. Older children can probably manage this project alone, but younger children will need help tracing their hands and feet, as well as using the scissors safely. On your brown paper, trace both feet, with or without shoes, both ways will work but I find that without shoes adds a fun little fluff, and is more personal.

2. Cut out the hands and feet, arrange them to look like the photo above; feet prints on top and hand prints acting as feathers behind the feet. Glue the feet onto the hands.

3. With a scrap of your orange construction paper, cut out two feet and a triangle for a beak. Glue them in place.

4. With a scrap of red construction paper cut out the wattle in a teardrop shape. Glue it onto the beak.

5. Add googly eyes or draw on eyes above the beak. Have your child sign his name and the date on the back and you're all done!

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