Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wet Paper; A sensory activity

Did you know that sensory activities play a central role in infant and child brain development? Well they do. Google it! If you want to just go ahead and take my word for it, great, then we can get started on a fun and enriching activity for your little loved one instead.

You will need:
- a bucket of water (or a tub or pan or something else easily movable and cleanable)
- a towel if the weather doesn't permit you to be outdoors
- paper of all shapes, sizes and colors (we used scraps of paper left over from scrapbooking, old magazines, etc.)
- grabbing/scooping utensils (This time we used a ladle and some tongs. But you could use cups, a small strainer, etc.)

The rest is fairly self explanatory! Fill your bucket about halfway full with water and set your child next to it. Give him the paper and allow him to submerge it in the water. You can show him how to rip the paper into smaller pieces and sprinkle them into the mix, too. Give him the scoopers and grabbers you rounded up and let him at it!

It's much more fun to do outdoors as it can be messy and a towel just may not do the job like a spot of grass or a sidewalk can. As you can see in the picture below, my daughter had a blast taking handfuls of the paper from the water and throwing them against the sidewalk where they made a funny splatting sound and flung water everywhere. Just remember to allow your child to explore and have fun, it's just water and paper after all!

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