Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Father's Day tie card

The Father's Day tie card is really simple and can be done very quickly. My daughter was one when we made this for my husband so I did a lot of the work but older children should be able to handle this project with ease. If, like myself, you have a small child, allow them to choose colors and other things they might like to glue onto the card. My tot chose the gold glitter stars and the funny eyeballs as well as the two sided orange and flowered paper and when it was finished my husband loved it and cherishes it still.

You will need:
- one piece of construction paper (we used one sheet of two sided scrapbooking paper)
- one piece of construction paper in a corresponding color for the tie
- sticker letters, or a pen if you or your child would prefer to write
- glitter, googly eyes, felt pieces, yarn, or anything else your child would like on the card
- non-toxic paint if you would like a handprint signature
- glue
- scissors

1. First take a piece of your construction paper, or your two sided scrapbooking paper, and cut a rectangle out of it. You can manipulate the measurements to your preferred size. I cut a 4"x12" rectangle. Once you have your rectangle, fold it in half.

2. Form the collar of the card by cutting two matching 1" long horizontal slits about 1" below the fold. (I realize that could be confusing to someone who's never made a tie card, so I made you guys a little card via Paint. View it below!)

3. You'll want to go ahead and cut out your tie from your second piece of construction paper. I used a piece of scrapbooking paper and cut my tie about 5" long. I used a ruler to get the edges of my tie straight, but I'm also a perfectionist. Your child may just want to freehand it, or you could always print out a template.

4. Now glue your tie onto your card in between your two cuts.

5. Fold the flaps down (the flaps created by the cuts you made) and glue them to the tie.

6. At this point, you're free to decorate your card in any way you/your children wish. You can add buttons, glitter, allow them to color on it, whatever they desire.

7. Once the outside has been decorated and all decorations have dried, open your card up and write a greeting or allow your child to decorate the inside to his liking as well. I placed my daughter's hand in non-toxic paint and used her hand print as her signature. She got to play with paint and my husband has something memorable to last him his lifetime!

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  1. I made this from my husband from my girls and he loved it very much, it was really a cute card, thank you!


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