Thursday, October 4, 2012

Homemade organic baby wipes

First let me start by saying, don't let the title be misleading. I called these wipes organic for some time before I realized that by using Bounty's brand of paper towels, they were in fact not entirely organic. So I did some research and found that even the "organic" paper towels had large amounts of bleach in them. I'd like to try making these again when I've run out, but with reusable cloths. If anyone has tried that or tries it instead of the paper towels, please comment and let me know how they work out!

Fortunately I've had less issue with these homemade wipes than I have with store bought wipes. I get more use out of each wipe compared to the store bought wipes, they last longer, are much cheaper, and I know exactly what I'm putting on my baby's skin. They also don't dry out the way some store bought wipes do and they smell great without having to add any irritating perfumes.

This recipe makes two containers worth of wipes. The two of them together last me well over a month. If you want to travel and don't want to carry the tub, take a few out and put them into a Ziploc baggy until I can perfect a way to make some that will fit easily inside of a traveling wipes case. (Perhaps with some kind of Kleenex?)

You will need:
- 2 round containers, plastic or glass (I used two containers that were made to hold 7 cups each)
- 4 cups of distilled water (I tried these with regular water and am assuming the water quality in my area isn't what I thought because they molded. I did them with distilled water and we're still going strong!)
- 1 roll of paper towels (I found that Bounty works great, especially if you use the select-a-size roll)
- about two teaspoons of organic baby wash
- 1 or two tablespoons of coconut oil
*Note* You can use something other than coconut oil, but I suggest it because it's naturally anti-bacterial, microbial, and fungal, and it smells wonderful.

1. Clean your working space as to not get lint or crumbs in your wipes. Then open your paper towels and lay them on their side. Use a large sharpened, non serrated knife to cut the wipes in half. If you use a serrated knife you're going to get a lot of fuzzies in your wipes and it's a real mess and a real pain. If you end up with one or two while using your sharp non serrated knife, just wipe them off. Set the two halves of paper towels aside.

2. Pour your four cups of water into a mixing bowl and add your coconut oil. If your oil isn't warm enough to be in a more malleable or liquid form (if it won't mix into your water), heat it up before hand on your stove until it can be easily mixed into your water. Coconut oil has a melting point of 76 degrees so you shouldn't have to heat it for long. Also add your baby wash and stir until the ingredients are well mixed. Stir gently so that you don't get your soap too bubbly.

3. Once your ingredients are mixed, pour the mixture evenly into both of your containers. It should be about two cups per container. Place your paper towels into the mixtures, cut sides down. If the paper towels stick out over the top of your container, it's okay! Mine did too. They shrink down, don't worry!

4. Mash your paper towels down with the lids and seal them up. See, I told you they'd fit. :P Now turn them upside down and leave them like that for at least five minutes, NO LESS.

5. When you come back, the paper towels will have shrunk down into the containers. Turn them right side up and open them. Pull out the center cardboard of the paper towels. They come out really easily. Then reach into the center and pull out your first homemade baby wipe!

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