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The best list of children's songs with lyrics, videos, teaching instructions and sign language!

Little Riley really gettin' down on some drums!

Lately, my daughter and I  have been practicing sign language. It turns out that at least three families on our street only speak sign language, and we've had many conversations as to why that is, and what we can do to better communicate with them. Upon learning that she could in fact still 'talk' to our neighbors, Riley decided she wanted to learn sign language and she wanted to know it by yesterday.

I have sign language books, and we've practiced simple signs since before she could talk. So moving up from there, we've started learning songs, to make sign language fun and easy. I would recommend sign language to anyone with a baby unable to speak yet, as it helps them communicate with us before they've learned how to talk, and can greatly help prevent melt downs and tantrums. But I would also recommend it to anyone who would love to be able to communicate with others like us, who just talk a little bit differently.

If any of you out there have Netflix or are interested in purchasing DVD's, there's an awesome show called Signing Time that's made for young children to help them learn sign language. The mother who created the show did so when she found that her oldest daughter, who is deaf, was unable to really have fun and participate in group outings and play dates because so few other people knew how to speak in sign language. She makes it really fun and easy to learn, and even I've learned a great deal of sign language there! Our neighbors were really tickled when Riley first learned how to introduce herself and even 'sang' them one of the songs from this list. It's really great for everyone involved!

So here, I've gathered together a list of children's songs, mostly educational, but also some classic and just plain fun, too. You'll find lyrics, audio, video, tips on how to preform the song with or for your baby/child and some videos in sign easy language, too! The list is long, but once you find some favorites it will have done it's job. If  you have any song suggestions just drop me a comment and I'll add them to the list! Also, this list will probably grow over time, so keep checking back for new fun songs. Happy learning!

Counting Songs
5 Little Monkeys  (Lyrics, video & tune) - (Video in sign language)
Five Little Ducks  (Lyrics) - (Video) - (Video in sign language)
5 Little Sea Shells  (Lyrics, photo instructions for performing & audio)
In The Big Blue Sea  (Video only)
Ten In The Bed   (Lyrics, performing instructions & video)

Alphabet and Phonics Songs
Sign Language ABC's with song  (Video in sign language)
A is for Apple  (Video only)
Act Out the Alphabet  (Lyrics & audio)
The Alphabet with Elmo and India Arie  (Video)

Body Parts Songs
Dem Bones  (Lyrics & audio) - (Video with lyrics)
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes  (Video)
The Hokey Pokey  (Lyrics, video & audio)

Memory Songs
Old MacDonald - Memory version  (Video with lyrics)
There's A Hole In the Bottom Of The Sea  (Lyrics & audio) - (Video)
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly  (Lyrics, audio & video)

Animal Songs
Little Bunny Foo Foo  (Lyrics, video & audio)
Old Mac Donald  (Lyrics & teaching instructions)
3 Blind Mice  (Lyrics, audio & video) - (Video in sign language)
Pop Goes the Weasel  (Lyrics) - (Video with lyrics)
Animal Sounds Song  (Video only)
Alice the Camel  (Lyrics & audio)

Bug Songs
The Itsy Bitsy Spider  (Lyrics) - (Video with lyrics) - (Video in sign language)
Baby Bumblebee  (Lyrics, audio & video) - (Lyrics with performing instructions)
There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly  (Lyrics, audio & video)

Lullaby For Teddy   (Audio)
Rock A Bye Baby  (Lyrics & audio)
Lullaby and Goodnight  (Lyrics & audio)
I L.O.V.E. Y.O.U.  (Lyrics) - (Audio)
Hush Little Baby  (Lyrics, video & audio)
Someday Baby   (Audio)
Wings  (Lyrics) - (Audio)

Preschool Bible Songs

Jesus Loves Me  (Lyrics, audio & video) - (Video)
I've Got Peace Like A River  (Video with lyrics) - (Lyrics)

Fun Songs
I'm A Little Tea Pot  (Lyrics) - (Video)
The Wheels on the Bus  (Lyrics, audio & video) - (Video)
If You're Happy and You Know It  (Lyrics & instruction) - (Video with lyrics)
Row Row Row Your Boat  (Video) - (Lyrics & audio) - (Video in sign language at 2min. into video)
Do Your Ears Hang Low?  (Lyrics) - (Video)
Skip To My Lou  (Lyrics, audio & video)
Down By the Bay  (Lyrics, audio & video) - (Video)
This Old Man  (Lyrics) - (Video)
Hey Diddle Diddle  (Lyrics & activities) - (Video with lyrics)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star  (Full song lyrics) - (Video) - (Video in sign language)

In the comments: Do you have any song suggestions? What were some of your favorite childhood songs? What are your children's favorites?

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