Friday, August 24, 2012

Handprint Roses

Hand-print roses are a fun craft that toddlers and even babies can have a hand in. Pun intended! For the picture above, I let my daughter play in red non-toxic paint and showed her how to slap her hand onto the paper since I can't get her to place her hand gently onto it. I used card stock to avoid ending up with wrinkled paper, and then painted the stems under the prints myself. Older children can do that part on their own, but had I let my seventeen month old try, we would have had one big mess and no roses.

You will need:
- red non-toxic paint or other color/s of your choice
- green paint
- card stock or other paper of your choice
- paper plate for paint
- wet wipes
- news paper/towel/blanket if painting inside
- paint brush

Keep in mind these can be done in any color on any paper for any occasion of your choice. We did these for Valentine's Day, which is why they're red, but we also did yellow and blue prints that we will make a bouquet out of! They serve as great gift for family members, but more importantly, they're fun to make with the kids.

1. Put down an old blanket or newspaper to catch paint drips and random prints. (I have wood floors and used washable non-toxic paints and didn't put anything down. Paint did get everywhere, but it washed right up, even once it was dry.)
2. Pour a small spot of red (or other color of your choice) paint onto the paper plate.
3. Arrange your child in front of the paper and allow him to place his hands in the paint. If your child won't let you place his hands carefully and neatly onto the paper, show him how to slap the paper to get his hand prints. That's what I had to do with my daughter to get the results shown in the picture above.
4. Once you have the hand-prints you want for your gift or memory, simply add a green stem with leaves or allow your child to do so if they're old enough. Let it dry, and it's done! I added the frame and text via an editor on my computer, you can of course write or let your child write a message or sign his name or whatever else you decide!


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