Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Popsicles; using Dixie cups

You will need:
- popsicle sticks
- Dixie cups (or you can also use store bought popsicle molds and skip all steps except adding the cut fruit and juice to the molds)
- fruits (I used pears, melon and banana)
- 100% fruit juice (I used an organic blend, but anything will work, though I do recommend it be at least 100% juice.)
- foil cut into squares big enough to wrap over dixie cups

1. Pour juice into dixie cups, about halfway full.
2. Cut fruits into small chunks that will fit inside the cups, and push a popsicle stick through the center of each of the fruit chunks.
3. Place fruit, with popsicle stick pointing up, into the cups of juice.
4. Push foil squares over the Popsicle sticks to align them straight up, and wrap excess over top of cup. (It prevents the stick from freezing in the juice crooked.)

5. Place cups in freezer until juice is frozen.

*Update* Shortly after I made these popsicles, I purchased actual popsicle molds. They're really cheap and a lot easier and of course reusable. I now cut up my fruit into many little pieces, then fill the molds with a variety of small chunks of fruit and then pour my juice over them and freeze. My daughter loves them either way they're made though. She's a popsicle maniac!

Then serve when ready! I made these for two girls, one and two years old, so I stripped them down to their diapers since the Popsicles can get messy as they're eaten. As you can see below, they really liked them! Whenever I'm cooking dinner and my daughter is fussing up my leg, I can give her a healthy Popsicle treat and it buys me enough time to finish cooking, and usually to eat too. Enjoy!

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