Monday, August 6, 2012

Changing Table Ribbons

I was talking to a close friend of mine one day about how her infant daughter hated diaper changes. She said that her daughter wouldn't sit still and would cry among other things. I asked her why she didn't put wall stickers or a mirror or something there to distract the baby and she'd responded that it was just another thing to add to the growing expense of having a child. Upon the arrival of my own daughter, I tied colorful ribbons of different patterns and sizes onto the back railing of her changing table, just in case she would need any distracting and it didn't cost me anything being that I had all of the ribbon lying around already from my scrapbooking phase.

My daughter loved the ribbons as they did in fact distract her, and also helped to improve her hand eye coordination and visual development as, in the picture below you'll see, she would laugh and swat at the colorful and mysterious objects that reached out to her. The first day she merely stared intently at them, but before I knew it she was swatting at them and in no time at all her little fingers were wrapping around the silky ribbons and tugging and swatting away.

You can of course tie ribbons to anything that your baby can lay near during a play time, as well as the changing table if he needs distracting. As long as the ribbons are tied securely and are no longer than seven inches, there shouldn't be any worries. I also had wall decals that looked like butterflies, beside her changing table, and cutouts of fish with activities appropriate for her age written on them at a different time that both worked well for distractions! There's always a way to get things done in a calm and stress-free manner. Sometimes you just have to think outside the box!

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