Monday, August 27, 2012

Whale you be my Valentine craft

This is a fun and easy Valentine's craft that babies and toddlers can participate in as well as  older children. You simply show your child how to press the heel of his hand into a small amount of non-toxic paint and then onto paper. Go behind the print and dab away the excess paint to get the effect shown in the picture above. Proceed to do the same thing (or let your older child do it themselves) with whatever colors you or your children want to use and then let the paint dry.

If you're going to let your older children draw the whale themselves, you might want to make your own stencil for them to use. I'd make it out of card stock so that tracing is easy. (We also used card stock for our Valentine.) Outline the stencil with a pen, in any color you want, I used black, and then leave a small amount of space around the pen and cut your whale out of your paper! With the whale above, I wrote "Whale U B my valentine?" before I cut the shape out, and I would suggest you do your cutting first, to allow the extra space around the whale to be even.

You will need:
- construction paper or card stock
- non-toxic paint
- pen
- paper towels or an old rag
- scissors

1. Dip the heel of your hand into a small amount of paint and press it on random spots on your paper.
2. Take your towel and dab away excess paint.
3. Repeat with as many colors as you would like on your Valentine.
4. Allow paint to dry, and then draw your whale using your pen, of any color.
5. Cut your whale from your paper, leaving a small space around the edge where you will be able to write your message.
6. Write, "Whale you be my Valentine?" on the outer edge of the whale and you're all done!

Keep in mind this whale can be painted in any color/s you or your child like best, and that it might look different depending on the age of your child and how well he understands stamping the heel of his hand on the paper. Most of all, let your child have fun and enjoy the end result assuring him that he's made wonderful art and that you're very proud, no matter the outcome! Enjoy!

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