Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Colorful Footprints; Non-toxic paint

This is a fun craft that leaves you with colorful art that can be framed, scrapbooked and even gifted! Keep in mind that I did this craft with a baby who was barely crawling and who would not let me flatten out her hands. Older children will be able to make these colorful prints with either hands or feet, or both.

*Update* My daughter is two now and we always play in/with paint. We are able to make neatly placed hand and foot print art in patterns and into flowers and hearts, etc. So use your imagination! It's a great sensory activity for all ages and great way to spark creativity.

You will need:
- non toxic paints (we always use Crayola brand)
- anything you would like the prints on (Computer/construction paper, poster paper, card stock, canvases, etc.)
- large paintbrush or sponge (for applying paint to baby feet) *If you have older children, you can use paper plates and have them pat their hands/feet into the paint.*
- A chair that will keep a small child in place while he has paint on his feet, or space outdoors that can get messy. Your non-toxic paint should be washable though, so little stress there.
- a wet rag (for wiping up splatters or baby hands/feet)

I decided to do this when my daughter was four or five months old because I wanted to get hand prints, but it was so hard to do while she was awake. This activity was something that we both had fun doing and she learned a little bit about colors, and textures, etc.

I simply set her in her Bumbo chair, painted her little feet with a paint brush, and then held her up and let her stomp on the computer paper to make little abstract art paintings. Simple as that! I kept a wet rag handy because when I wanted to switch colors, it made wiping her feet easy as well as her hands as she played in the colors.

These are the exact paints that I always use with every craft or activity I do with my daughter or other children. I have tried other ones, and these are just the best for their price! I've link you in case you'd like to buy some too. :) Enjoy!

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