Friday, October 12, 2012

Ghoulish Ghosts; Balloon decor for indoors or out!

These were a complete hit with my two year old and her friends. Once we were finished with the balloons the kids got to kick them around and toss them to each other and had a lot of fun. They're really easy and inexpensive and they look good in the day and night!

You will need:
- a pack or handful of white balloons (however many ghosts you would like - I  think mine were about 9" balloons)
- the same number of green glowsticks (I used the bracelet style sticks)
- a black marker
- tape

1. Break your glowsticks so that they're glowing. If you use the bracelet style sticks, then go ahead and also turn them into individual bracelets with the plastic attachment pieces.
2. Insert them into the balloons. If you used the bracelets it should be fairly easy if you fold them in half. (You can mash them around once they're inside the balloon to make them round again.)
3. Blow up your balloons one by one and tie them off.

4. Draw silly or scary faces on your balloons with a black marker and you're done! Tape them wherever you'd like. We taped ours on our front door for people coming to visit. They were great, and the next day during the daylight hours we were able to leave them because they were still white and ghostly! :) Enjoy!

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