Friday, September 7, 2012

Easy DIY Dreamcatcher

This was my first attempt at making a dreamcatcher and now that it's finished, I'd like to share a how-to with you guys so that you can attempt it with, or for, your children! It was simple and took less than an hour and I'm sure that now that I know how to do it, it will take a whole lot less time next time. Also, keep in mind that these can be done in any sizes with any colors, with or without beads or feathers or little trinkets or even sticks, rocks, sea shells (which I plan to use when we come back from the beach) etc. Just have fun!

You will need: (This is the list of things I used for this exact dreamcatcher. Again, keep in mind you can do almost anything as long as you have a ring and some string!)
- 3" ring
- artificial sinew (Although next time I'd like to use real sinew)
- feathers
- beads
- suede lace
- small metal feather
- small metal peace sign
- glue (Instant drying glue of any kind really. I used a hot glue gun)
- scissors

1. Glue one end of the suede lace to the ring and hold it down for a few seconds to be sure it's dry. Continue wrapping the entire ring with the lace, placing a drop of glue here and there to help keep it's place. When you've finished wrapping, cut the lace and glue the end down.

2. Tie one end of your sinew onto the ring. An inch to the right, tie your sinew onto the ring again with a single half hitch and pull it tight. Continue doing this until you've come back to your starting point and tie the sinew around your first span of sinew. Continue tying between each sinew knot until you have a small opening of only about 1/2" in the center. Tie off the sinew and trim the excess.

3. Cut one piece of your suede lace to hang from the bottom of your ring. About 12" will do, or you can make it whatever length you'd like. Attach the lace to the bottom of the ring with a lark's head knot.

4. String beads onto one hanging piece of the lace and tie a knot at the bottom to keep them from falling off. On the other piece of lace tie your feathers onto the end with some of your sinew. Trim off excess sinew. At the top of the feathers, put a dab of glue and press your peace sign into it until dry.

5. Take two more pieces of sinew, cut to about half the length of your beaded and feathered lace. Tie them on opposite sides of the lace. Add beads to one side and tie it off. To the other side add one bead and then tie the end onto another bit of feathers.

6. Lastly, take a very tiny feather and glue it to the back side of your metal feather and attach them to the center of your dreamcatcher with a bit of sinew. Trim the excess and you're done!

If you want to make a dreamcatcher but think it would be easier and more than likely have a better color scheme if you chose to make one from a kit (like I did my first two times), then click the link below. I found a neat dreamcatcher kit that's easy and will help you get into the groove before you venture out and try one on your own! And it's really pretty! :)

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