Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mom shaves daughter's head as punishment; Child/public shaming, an up-and-coming trend

Lately we've been seeing more and more of this in the news. A dad who made his daughter wear a shirt claiming her age, a mom who posted a video while talking trash to her daughter for lying about her age, and my personal favorite; the dad who wore daisy dukes to take his daughter shopping to show her that they weren't as 'cute' as she thinks.

But sometimes these 'creative punishments' might be taken a little too far. There's been quite an uproar over the photo and punishment above where a mother who remains unnamed, shaved her ten year old daughter's head because she wouldn't brush it. The Facebook caption that the mother posted is pictured here:

Many people are agreeing that this is very unacceptable for many reasons, starting with obvious ones such as that the girl is going to be heavily picked on at school, if she wasn't already. Some are saying that the mother should have simply taught the girl to take care of her hair better or put it up, or as many other suggested, a short and manageable hair cut. Many people are outraged and calling this parental bullying. On top of ignoring the problem at its source, that she is creating a child who doesn't know how to deal with her problems or feelings and will become a bully herself, finding it acceptable to socially humiliate, degrade and punish others in public and on social media. Others are supporting the mom, saying that the girl will brush her hair next time and that it wasn't like she was beating the child.

Perhaps there's a fine line between teaching a valuable lesson in personal hygiene and parental respect, and public and social media shaming to the extremes? Where would one draw the line as an acceptable punishment for a child not brushing her hair? At what point does one decide to 'get back' at a child for not minding? When do you decide that your dirty laundry, or your child's should be aired for the world to see or is that ever acceptable at all?

I'd really love to hear what you all think about these new, up-and-coming styles of punishing our children. Are you on board? Where do you draw the line? Would you choose this as an acceptable form of punishment for your daughter? What would you have done differently? Were there other options? Have you ever been a victim of a punishment like this?

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