Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Patriotic toast with a fruit flag on top

Another patriotic recipe that's pretty basic and self explanatory! We actually had these as snacks rather than for breakfast, but you can eat them whenever you'd like! My daughter picked off all the fruit and ate it and then munched at the toast, she loved it.

You will need:
- whole grain bread
- cream cheese
- blueberries
- bananas
- strawberry jam
- toaster

1. First and foremost, I let my cream cheese sit out long enough to be soft for easy spreadin'. Once you're ready to make your snack/breakfast, toast your bread lightly.

2. Spread your cream cheese over the toasted bread, followed by your strawberry jam. Be sure that you leave a square at the top left jam free for your blueberries.

3. Rinse your blue berries and arrange them evenly in the white space at the top left of your toast. This will create your stars effect. You can use four or five very small berries for each row, or three large ones, it's all up to whatever you prefer.

4. Cut your banana into fairly thin slices and then cut the round pieces in half. Arrange them in rows to create your white stripes, and your all done! I served mine with milk and a little bowl of raspberries, walnuts and blueberries. Had I had an yogurt left I would have mixed it all together parfait style. Just a yummy side suggestion! Enjoy!

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