Saturday, August 18, 2012

Breakfast From the Heart

You will need:
- bread (I use whole grain)
- eggs
- heart shaped egg shaper (or other shape that you prefer)

That's basically it! But there are other things/ways you can make a breakfast like this (that I will mention) that could require:
- milk
- cheese
- cookie cutter (Of a heart, or any other shape you prefer)
- butter
- powdered sugar
- syrup

I love my husband very much, know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and figure the little things matter too! So, what better little way to say "I love you" than breakfast in the shape of a heart? Keep in mind you can serve this with bacon, a fruit bowl, yogurt, or anything else you might like to have for breakfast. And, if you want to make this a family breakfast, keep in mind that you can scramble the eggs before shaping them or pouring them into your bread cut-out and even use other shapes besides hearts for the kids!

In the picture I took above, I only show part of the breakfast that I made, but it gives you an idea of your outcome should you decide to try it out. First, I cut out hearts from the center of two pieces of bread. You can use a cookie cutter if you'd like, I just didn't have one small enough. Then, I cracked an egg into a bowl and mixed it up before dipping the two small heart shaped pieces of bread into the egg and throwing them on my griddle. After a minute or so, I flipped the hearts and cooked the opposite side. When they were done, I had myself some french toast pieces in heart shapes! You can top them with syrup and powdered sugar if you'd like, I just prefer them without since it's a lot healthier, still tastes good and the kiddos can pick them up like finger foods!

I was then left with two pieces of bread that had large portions missing from the middle (mine were in the shape of hearts, but keep in mind you can use any shape you want). Be sure that middle is large enough to hold an egg, otherwise it will spill over the edges and not turn out correctly. I thew one of the bread slices onto my griddle and toasted one side. When it was toasted, I flipped it over and cracked one egg into the center. When the egg was cooked, I had an "Egg in The Basket", and it was ready to serve.

Some people, like myself, love jelly on their toast. If that's the case for whoever you're serving, you can do what is shown in the picture and use an egg-shaper to cook your egg and simply place it on top of the toast for presentation. It can easily be slid off and eaten separately from the bread.

With my leftover egg that I had used to dip my heart peices in, I added a tiny bit of milk and cheese and stirred it up. I threw my second piece of toast (minus the middle) onto my griddle and poured the egg mixture into it. After it cooked for a couple of minutes I flipped it until it finished cooking. This method is good for kids since the egg is scrambled. Also, my husband likes to butter the pieces of bread before throwing them on the griddle, but I prefer the healthy alternative and leave it off. I can never tell the difference, but it's certainly an option!

I look forward to the days when my daughter can use different shaped cookie cutters and help me cut shapes out of the bread, but until then, I prefer to serve up my heart on the platter! Enjoy!

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